December 3, 2023

Anurag Kashyap is one of the most renowned filmmakers of Bollywood. He has given us several hits and his work has often touched the right chords of the hearts of the fans. Well, he has a very outspoken personality and never shies away from speaking his mind. We all know that in the recent past a couple of South films have emerged as a winner at the box office and have performed much better than many Bollywood films. The debate of Bollywood vs South has been going on for quite some time now. And now at a recent event, Anurag was asked to state the factor which Bollywood films are lacking and he poured his heart out.

Anurag Kashyap opens up on what are Bollywood films lacking

At a recent event, a press reporter stated the fact that these days regional cinema is winning hearts and that more people are watching those films as compared to Bollywood films. She also gave a recent example of Kantara that blew away everyone’s minds and is even doing well in terms of numbers. So she asked Anurag Kashyap what according to him is lacking in Bollywood. Answering this question, Anurag stated that the monopoly is over. He added, “It’s like how we look at Hollywood, It’s because the English language is more universal. They think Hindi has more bandwidth and is more universal, but it’s not the truth. Now it’s like cameras are accessible, the camera has gone 4k to 6k to god knows where. You can find local actors, you don’t need so many ppl to make films. Likewise, it is very similar to what I say the regional political parties will emerge. there is no central binding force. When people now know that they can be heard and someone asked me from down there, I said you can make a film from anywhere today and that’s where the strongest films will come from. Bollywood was never rooted. It was always catering to a mass audience. There are some filmmakers who were rooted. As an industry, it was never rooted.”

Anurag Kashyap’s work front

Recently, it was revealed by a publication that director Karthik. K, known to be an associate director on Shankar’s landmark films like Shivaji, Aparichit, and 2.0 is set to make his directorial debut with a film set against the backdrop of economic fugitives in India. The film will be based on real-life scams by top businessmen like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, and Mehul Choksi. And now, we have exclusively learnt that the makers are in advanced talks with Anurag Kashyap to play the character of Vijay Mallya in the film.

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