November 28, 2023
Friday Releases: Multiple films like Phone Bhoot, Mili, Double XL and others that are set to hit the.......

Friday Releases: Multiple films like Phone Bhoot, Mili, Double XL and others that are set to hit the theatres on November 4 share one thing in common – a Friday release! Most films in India are usually slated to release on a Friday. But why do most films release on a Friday, and why not any other day of the week? In the recent past, films have released on other days of the week as well, specifically on Tuesdays – such as Thank God and Ram Setu which begs the question – is Tuesday the new Friday? And, does a Tuesday release help a film, or prove detrimental?

Why do films release on Friday?

Earlier in October, Guinness World Records (GWR) stated that “Friday probably becomes the best day.” Fridays remain the favourite day of the week. It’s the start of the weekend, and a much-awaited getaway for most people. Does that imply that Friday remains the favorite for the movie makers to release their movies?

While a theory does suggest that movies are released on Fridays to make up for office half-days but there is more to it.

It is believed that the trend of Bollywood movies releasing on Fridays was adopted in the 1950s. One of the earliest films to follow the trend in India was K Asif’s Mughal-E-Azam – which released on August 5, 1960. It was the Friday release of the Hollywood film ‘Gone With The Wind’ that set the trend and influenced the film industry across the world. The film received massive success and box office earnings.

Moreover, producers do also believe that Friday — being a day of Goddess Lakshmi — would bring them wealth.

Is there a change in trend? Why are films are also opting for a Tuesday release?

Festive release of films has been a trend that has been witnessed in the past. Eyeing Diwali gains, both the releases – Ram Setu and Thank God had a Diwali release. But why did the film release on a Tuesday after Diwali?

“The release date, especially if a film is releasing around a festival, is decided keeping the holidays in mind. In case of Thank God and Ram Setu, both were eyeing the Diwali festivities and hence they were released on Tuesday, to target the long window of non working days,” Ashish Kanakia, CEO of MovieMax Cinemas said.

Further, he added, “We can’t really talk about a particular day becoming more favourable as it totally depends on the calendar. This has happened earlier too, when few films have released on a week-day to encash on holidays. The release day in those cases depend totally on when the holidays start. Even Hollywood films release their films according to Christmas holidays sometimes.”

Commenting about the same, Rajnish Ahuja, Editor in Chief Zee News, said, “The prime agenda of releasing films on other days as compared to Friday is that filmmakers prefer to avoid the clash at the box office with other films. If a movie’s opening day is on a different day compared to the other, there is a higher possibility that they achieve a milestone in terms of distinct viewership and earn higher profits.”

“Another reason for a film to release on a non-Friday can also be to coincide with an occasion such as Eid, Diwali, Christmas, etc to maximize the footfall of the audience,” he added.  

A Tuesday release also provides a 6-days opening weekend for the film and a longer window to collect earnings for the weekend. 

Good box office numbers do bring a smile to the faces behind a project. The director, producer, and studios/ distributors remain the key decision makers but the decision remains subjective. A change in trend should not surprise the audience in the future!

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