December 3, 2023
In an industry focussed on body image what a female actor ought to look like, Huma Qureshi is one .......

In an industry focussed on body image what a female actor ought to look like, Huma Qureshi is one of the few to have bucked the trend. Not only has the actor experimented with roles but often gained weight and looked a certain way for many of her projects. In a recent interview, the actor took a slight dig at the size zero obsession in Bollywood, saying there was much more to being a Bollywood heroine than that. Also read: Huma Qureshi blames patriarchal conditioning for stereotyping beauty

Huma Qureshi’s next film Double XL is a humourous take on body image issues and body shaming, in which Huma and Sonakshi Sinha play two plus-sized women. The film, directed by Satramm Ramani, also stars Zaheer Iqbal and features cricketer Shikhar Dhwan in a cameo in what is his first film appearance. Sonakhi and Huma have been promoting the film in various interviews of late.

During a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Huma was asked her message for ‘girls who think size zero is the way to enter films’. The actor responded, “Not at all! If this film, our careers, or many other women before or after us are anything to go by, it is not. It is your talent, and hard work. If you want to be a Hindi film actress, there is a lot more than being just size zero.”

Size zero refers to the size in the US size chart which is equivalent to an extra small elsewhere. It generally refers to clothing for a woman with a 23-inch-waist. Size zero has long been considered as a ‘requirement’ for mainstream female models in the West and in India as well. The term gained popularity in India in the 2000s after Kareena Kapoor shed weight and reportedly became a size zero for her 2008 film Tashan.

In the recent years, the focus on being a size zero or looking a certain way has come under the scanner. Many female actors like Huma, Vidya Balan, and Sonakshi Sinha have questioned the need to look a certain way on the camera and refused to adhere to this ‘size zero obsession’.

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