December 4, 2023
Violence is not the only thing Yash doesn’t like. The actor, who became a pan-India star with his .......

Violence is not the only thing Yash doesn’t like. The actor, who became a pan-India star with his blockbuster KGF franchise, said he wants to get rid of demarcations–Bollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood– that separate entertainment industries.

At the India Today Conclave, when Yash was asked if he feels Bollywood needs him more today than he needs them, the actor said right now the audience just wants good films– irrespective of which industry they’re coming from.

“I don’t believe in Bollywood, Sandalwood, I don’t believe in these ‘woods’ at all. Let’s burn the woods. The point here is, we fought for our respect, please treat us like every actor is treated in this country. Just because things are working for us, I can’t start doing the same thing for others.

“If I start treating rest of the people as, ‘We have surpassed all your things and today South is going up and Bollywood is finishing,’ all the bullsh*t I don’t believe in. The point is, let’s just do good work. The audience doesn’t care whether it is from Bollywood, Karnataka or any other state,” he added.

Citing examples of Kannada films like the recent hit Kantara, Charlie 777 or last year’s Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana, Yash said these films worked well even beyond Karnataka. “If you promote it well, with a reputed banner, good presentation, it will reach more people.”

Yash said he can’t be arrogant about the success KGF brought him and start thinking that he is the biggest star of the country, that he is even “beyond Bollywood”.

“I am nobody, every Friday you have to prove yourself. Just because I have done KGF I can’t think that tomorrow I am the biggest star or I am beyond Bollywood–there is no ‘wood’ in the first place–but if someone does better work, if someone does something good here, then definitely people will accept it all over the country and tables will turn,” he added.

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